Łukasz Dybalski


Fire and Fire, Fury and Fury


Tekst — Kola Śliwińska


‏’When I get up in the morning, my daily prayer is, grant me today my illusion, my daily illusion’.

Wilhelm Raabe


‏ ‘The war machine (…) is the invention of the nomads… The very conditions that make the state possible (…) trace creative lines of escape’.

Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari


What correlates pigments found in the ground and animal bones with colour synesthesia, or questions of value with utopia? Vortical flow, which leads to the transformation of energy into another and independent spontaneity that can blow the system apart instantly. Non-Nothingness, where resistance emanates as a construct with no hierarchical relations. The landscapes expand horizontally.


‏News headlines today! The world’s policy on the edge of something—but what? The astonishing instability of emotional states versus quantum mechanics. An imaginary colour particle in constant motion. The unbearable lightness of being, the shortest path between points curved with unpredictability.


‘Fire and Fire Fury and Fury’ is an attempt of indispensable return to the intuitive and expressive assumptions of abstract painting. Namely, the process of creation connecting patterns to unintentional and unexpected affiliations.


Like a prism, it interferes with a mysterious and contrary edge of the painting horizon, where everything can potentially emerge—an unexpected reminiscence of vestiges, objects, traces in opposition to the precise and formally formulated formulas (f&f&f). Imagine a process of pigmentation, colour amalgamation, the particles of which are a metaphor for today’s reality, an abstract landscape melting away liquids of contemporaneity. At the same time, it reflects a little history of the world through the notions of time and repetition.


Fire and Fire, Fury and Fury F & F & F & F uttered repeatedly to the limits of capacity. Where are the limits? With no contexts, a contemplative point zero takes the form of Nothingness and non-Nothingness simultaneously. Now we have reached the point where all spaces, mutually repulsive concepts, are all merged together.